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The way your video camera should work.

  • Powered by reShoot Technology

  • reShoot: Record, rewind, reShoot
  • Pause: Pause recording as long as you want
  • videoArc: Add new footage to old recordings
  • Insert: Record new video, or import a clip from your camera roll anywhere within your existing video.
  • Add Effects: Easily add fun effects like Emojis, Create Your Own Stickers, Speech Bubbles, Sound Effects, and Music!
  • Tons of other great tools, no time limits, easy to share with your friends!
  • App Store compatible devices

reShoot mode
Record. Rewind. reShoot.

Easily select footage to be reshot by dragging the reShoot marker.

  • reShoot mode is accessible from the screen after you have footage in your timeline. This exclusive timeline editing tool allows you to scrub back on your timeline to select a portion of video to reShoot. No third party apps or tools required.

insert reShoot mode
Record a new scene anywhere in your timeline.

  • insert reShoot mode is accessible from the screen after you have footage in your timeline. This timeline editing tool allows you to place the marker at any point in your video, and start shooting a new scene.

Import old footage, and add to it.

  • With videoArc, you can continue where you left off. Easily bring a video in from your camera roll, or quickly re use a video you made in the app.
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Some key features we have to offer.

  • No time limit!
  • Pause recording to start a new scene. Pausing also allows you to access your timeline, which is filled with powerful features.
  • Rewind to select the footage you want to discard, and reshoot it!
  • Insert newly recorded footage, or import a clip from your camera roll to any point in your project.
  • Record new footage on an old video.
  • Intuitive clippers make cutting video easy!
  • Video gets saved to your camera roll, and we give you quick options to share it with the world.

User guide

Getting started

When you first load the app, you will be in Shooting mode, from this screen, you can begin a new project by tapping the Record button or by tapping the videoArc button to import a video to your timeline. While recording, you are able to pause and resume as many times as you like. When you are redy to preview, save, or edit your project; hit the preview button.

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